Tuscan events-Giostra Saracino, Archidado,Palio Siena,Bravžo botti-romantic itineraries in tuscany-italy

Cortona Events takes even care of planning your happenings during some traditional medieval evocations on the same wavelength as them.

Every year in Cortona there is a Medieval Game “Archidado” which is part of the recreation of a very old historical event: the wedding between Francesco Casali, landlord of Cortona and Antonia Salimbeni from Siena in 1397 celebrated with arrows and flags games wearing medieval costumes.

Bravio delle Botti takes place in Montepulciano once a year since 1650, on august. Bravio is a prize with St John image on it and represents the one that one of the town’s areas will win at the end of the game.

Siena Palio isn’t something done just in order of making turists happy but it is still a very important tradition for citizens themselves. It was born in 1664 and the aim of the play is a twice a year horse race, every horse represents an area of Siena. . The main hero of the race is obviously the horse itself who could even win without his jockey….lost during the race!

Arezzo's Saracino is a game in which the main four areas of the town have are represented by knighters who have to hit the target held by a big puppet. Dante Alighieri himself on his XXII Inferno poem, mentioned this famous game.

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